I started a blog

I at least remember the original latin saying “Cognito ergo sum” and thought, the virtual equivalent has to be something like “Blogeo ergo sum”. Well, here I am. And first I did was to find a suitable theme. “Fjord” does look interesting and I will see whether it is as useful as innovative. For now, I don’t want to write much. Just why I wrote at wordpress.com, rather than blogger.com. But opening blogger.com I saw the Google login box. I have a Google Account and use a lot of their tools (Analytics, gMail, Calendar, AdSense, AdWords, iGoogle) but read in an article they are storing all the data – even from queries – for at least 18 month. I don’t know yet, whether I can live with that or not, is it really “Do no evil”? I’m a friend of privacy and there is too much information gathering on all levels (Government, Advertising Industry, Employers) going on already, don’t have to accelerate that. More on that in a later post for sure.

Therefore I signed up with WordPress, also to see how the most important Blogger platform works. Please welcome me with a warm Applause… 😀


2 Responses

  1. Applause Applause 🙂 You always one step ahead of me… Run Forrest Run !!!

  2. I’m guessing you didn’t like the “Fjords” theme? I’m using it right now and I like the idea behind it, but the photo gallery is terrible for pictures! Do you know of any themes that have a similar design, but are more picture friendly?

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