Germanys current strength and possible fallback

There have been some efforts by previous politics to gain strength again. That meant lowering the social security, but the same it strengthened the economy. With good results, Export is strong, the domestic market developed well and unemployment rates decreased. Last two years have been good and so the governmental spendings and earnings equalized. Great I thought, good times coming up. Well, it may appear unfair to some, but in a global world (and damn, there is nothing we can do against it!) we can’t afford to keep our level of living way above normal and still expect to live a better and bigger live every year. So, realistically the income over the last years shrinked. But now, two good years later I read about the political campaigns back home and have to see they talk about huge wage raises, a minimum for low payed jobs (currently the government pays the outstanding money up to a certain level considered to be the minimum) and so forth. Back to very very social times, that worked in economy as strong as in the Seventies, but not now.

One might say, it’s easy to say when you’re not concerned by that. That is true, but you cannot deny that there has to be an overall view, especially when you’re not home right now. I would be happy about these discussions when I’d only had 4,50€/hour in my pocket, but this also makes me look for better opportunities (e.g. still affordable studies). And still better than unemployment.

I hope there will be some common sense for what is best for Germany in the long term. Healthy and steady I would hope for us. A solid economy would allow to lower taxes and that would drop back in to employees pockets as well, but we can’t stand a system that allows happy unemployment times. I don’t want to do the task of finding the right balance of a system between something like the US (to harsh, to capitalistic) and the old social times of the Eighties. But that is what politicians are there for. I thought, but got proofed wrong already a couple of times. Let’s hope.


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