Microsoft + Yahoo = Australias biggest channels have to rethink their Online strategies

The two biggest and most successful channels “Channel 7” and “Channel 9” in Australia have cooperation for their online-platforms with Yahoo! (Seven Network) called Yahoo!7 and MSN (Nine Network) called ninemsn to deliver news and ads for them.  Well, of course the upcoming acquisition of Yahoo! by Microsoft puts these cooperation into question. I don’t think that the two main competitors in the same market are willing two have one and the same Online Platform. They will not allow to have information – such as advertising strategies and new projects –  shared within the same partner.  So it will be interesting to see what happens, will the new boss MSN keep its work with “Nine” or if Yahoo! continues with “7” or if they will try to keep both businesses up and running. I would try to  keep both deals to not allow Google to somehow sneak in (they have an office in Sydney), but there will be resistance from the two networks. Will be watching how these two very ambitious portals will deal with the change in their technology partner relations.


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