The first solar taxi in Sydney – News in Australia ignore

I was driving through the city on Monday morning and all the sudden I see this blue/white coloured car with a supporter full of solar cells and a taxi sign. Wow, a solar car in Sydney. Well, normally a good idea since it has not been raining that much the last five years compared to current situation. So, let’s try to find something about that later on. On Google I found a couple of articles searching for “solar taxi Sydney”. Quite surprisingly my favourite general news site as well with a full article about the launch of the first solar taxi in Sydney. Big event in the rain at the weekend. Big event, well, I haven’t heard about it here.

Checked the web sites of News and Sydney Morning Herald, each the mast heads for News corporation and Fairfax, the leading Publishers in Australia. No luck, nothing about this event. That is pretty sad and I am thinking about writing the editors a letter, but I assume I will again forget about it. Would have been good if they start looking into some alternatives. Since I live in Sydney I cycle at least two or three days a week to work (12km), which is not a real pleasure as the city is not a cycling-friendly one (yet) and this proves again how ignorant regarding alternatives they are over here. They got rid of the suburban trams ages ago and now have to fight with an ever increasing traffic on the street. Not much possibilities besides a buses and a only in western direction useful train system. And that’s poor.

For some further news check this blog. It seems to be a swiss invention and travels around the world. The event in Sydney apparently happened shortly after a policeman has been shot and all media rather covered that than “green” topics.


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