Getting rid of Candida – Step 1: Realize there is something wrong

To solve a problem, you first have to know there is one. And sometimes this hides quite well, especially for health problems. Feeling well, one would never think there is a yeast infection in your body that affects you. Well, I don’t know how it is to be without it, not yet. But this will change soon. Today I started taking some pills called “Acidophilus Bifidus”, that contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium animalis. These are to reactivate a healthy gut flora (along with Zinc). This will take six to twelve month. And for one to two weeks I will take “Fungilin” four times a day. These contain Amphotericin B and that kills the yeast.The medicines The pills are not swallowed but sucked. That is because I found the yeast on my tongue, as a film of whitish-yellow colour. How did I found out I have this yeast infection? Well, I had a cold and during that I saw my tongue having this film. So I started looking up the Internet and found a lot of information about tongue diagnostic, some of these really interesting and scary. Apparently there is a kind of diagnostic based on the film on a tongue. But nothing really fitted the “look and feel” of what I had, so I went further and found some hints of Candida infections. Candida is a yeast everyone has in its body, but normally this is held under control by a healthy immun system. Well, in my case that has been weakened in teenager age due to antibiotics and my love to sweets. I remember this has been tried to be cured once, but not in a really good attempt. So I probably live with that for about ten years.

I was quite sure it is a yeast infection when I started to not have carbohydrates for about a week, which I’ve started two weeks ago. And the results have been there very fast and obvious – no film on the tongue. So today I went to a pharmacy in Sydney and had a very knowledgeable pharmacist, explaining a lot of the basics, what diet and how to address the infection. He also stated I would feel way better in about two to three weeks. We’ll see, don’t feel bad at all right now. I will keep on blogging about it, as I believe this is a very common problem, but not many talk about it. Last week I had a very open chat with a manager of mine. And let me tell you, it can hit you way harder. So, no sugar and simple carbs for me. That’s hard, but luckily sea food over here is awesome. Could be worse. And it hopefully will have a enduring effect on my nutrition. It already changed to the better the last two weeks, when I realized how many sugar there is in my food. Hang on for more.


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  1. good information thank you.

  2. Nice post.. worth reading.. Thanks for sharing to people.
    Aside from the fact that yeast infection is treatable, there are also ways to naturaly prevent this from ever happening. The best is to drink a glass or two of milk daily as this ensures that there will never be an overgrowth of yeast down there.

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