Reality of gene technology

My interest in that whole gene research had been restarted by the 23andme offering to analyse your genes. Initially I followed some other Bloggers that were reporting about their test results. Andrew drags the whole thing onto a completely new level in his blog Buzzyeah, as he is going to share his genome with you, not just in his blog, but his real data on 23andme.

You can sign up for a demo account, which is anyway quite interesting for study purposes, but as soon as Andrew has his results, he’ll share them with you. I already signed up. It’s a great opportunity to see what it looks like to have information about a real live person. He should just be careful and not share with health insurances. I am pretty sure they will try to get such information as it is not uncommon for them to search for persons data in health forums and websites to find information about their specific problems. I hope they are reading my blog and honour my efforts for healthy live style. 😉

A friend of mine just finished studying Biology is now doing his PhD. Of course in the field of gene research. His comment about 23andme: “Rip off”. Why? He says you can’t tell much just from parts of the genetic code, to little is know about the interferences and combinations of genes with regards to their impact on certain diseases. And some percentages for the chance of cancer do not tell a lot, the specific circumstances and lifestyle may even have a bigger impact. He says, rather spend your money on genetic art that does not hurt any creature and still is the most personal gift of all – a DNA Portrait. Well IMO, humanity is not even able to produce rain where it is needed nor understands the logic of our climate, so what do we jerk around with genes… Certainly not because we know what we are doing.

Last paragraph here dedicated to some good reading. Michael Crichtons “Next” is a well written and intense story, featuring newspaper style pieces of information in between, stating some scientific news regarding genetics. Some of them sounded quite obscure, so I wondered whether they might be partly true. It was the first Crichton I’ve read, but he for sure must have some good understanding as it was topic of many of his other books as well (“Jurassic Park” as the most famous example). And I found a page on his site, claiming that most of the stories are based on real news or findings. That’s wowing. Read the book if you haven’t. I found he put the information into a stunning and believable (in the way it’s imaginable it (has) happen like this) series of stories.


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