Getting rid of Candida: Resume

What I tried so far did not work out. It’s a couple of weeks ago that I switched back to normal nutrition and since than the Candida returned. Again, I still don’t feel bad, but it simply annoys me that I know it does not need to be that way.

The reasons for the failure I guess are easy to find, the the yeast has settled and immunsystem is not able to fight it anymore. And the medication was not perfect as I did not go to a doctor. I though decided I wouldn’t go to a normal doctor but try to find a good Naturopath, someone helping me to get rid of the Candida and strengthen my health in a way that it does not return.

In general I’m in good strength and do exercise on a daily base. Just some pounds too much. And apparently those nearly been away after two weeks of ‘no sugar’ diet. These hidden calories are a pain.

So what will happen next? I will find a naturopath or at least some ways to stabilise my guts flora (still taking Acidophilus biphidus bacteria on a daily base and zinc). As well I’m developing a little nutrition tool that can be configured to give me a choice of foods without sugar and a way to tag food as good for yeast diet. That way it will be easier to find foods for a anti-yeast diet. If someones interested in or wants to contribute (e.g. adding foods), shoot me an email.


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