Come on Apple, don’t do that to me

I like Apple. For their ideas, innovation and (more and more fading away) outsider-nerdy-special part of the whole software, hardware and entertainment industry. They are/were different than Microsoft. I say that even though I don’t own a Mac. And it’s a yet missing in that previous sentence, since I really want to have one for a long time.

Probably it will be a Mac Mini soon to replace our Entertainment system in the living room, an old Dell Box with Ubuntu, running sweet but somewhat outdated after half a year of playing with it. But it won’t replace my Windows installation as I love the variety of software available for it. Where OSX offers a lot of good things for free of the shelf, your choices are limited. If you don’t like what we give you – bad luck! And M$ tries to have you use their stuff but the freedom and creativity of people (say OpenSource scene) simply created more powerful alternatives. The better wins at the end (only in theory though). And the simple reason why there are more alternatives in Software is the same as for the number of virusses and trojans – it’s far wider spread.

But there are things I wonder about for a long time. OS wars in some forums are at least entertaining. Stupid is the ignorance of some Mac-Warriors regarding security vulnerabilities, even these are tiny, tiny issues compared to the number on Windows systems. But they are only the first of problems for a wide spread system. And that’s where they are going to go with a continuously grow of market share. The good thing about Windows is that it is nowadays fairly secure out of the box. This lesson has been learned by M$.

But it is not only the OS that is under thread, at least for me it is more and more the applications. Firefox does updates on a regular base on its own, but many products do not. That’s a good thing, coz it is the most vulnerable or open piece on my system. iTunes does the same. So far so good. And here Apple pissed me off the last few days. Starting the update wizard for iTunes I see a by default marked entry ‘Safari’ for installation. What the hack? The only thing I know about Safari are that it is good and fine browser on the Mac. And its Windows version was a big security hole not worth even installing it. Though this is a couple of month ago, I still don’t want it. These new apple practices are mad, along with their politics they – in my eyes – develop a lot of the bad habits that I don’t like M$ for. I’m really wondering where this will lead to. Anyway, stay away from my system! Consequence for me: iTunes will be de-installed and Songbird will replace it from today on. It’s an Open Source Music player, organizer, im- and exporter and Browser with fully compatibility to iPods. Sweet.

And while I’m winching about one tiny thing, the guys at Wired Magazine had a closer look onto the practices of Apple. Read worthy.


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