CERN to create ‘Doomsday Machine’ – sued by Hawaian!

Reading my daily news update on I found a story about Walter Wagner, a scared American, suing a couple of organizations like the US ministry of Energy and the CERN, the European organization for nuclear research. Why?

Because he is scared they will create black holes and other not-yet deeply researched phenomena. Yep, I was kinda laughing too. But he is doing a great job playing with the steady concerns and anxiousness of Americans I believe. He set up a website to inform about the whole thing and other concerning stories, e.g. a link to ‘France builds Doomsday machine’ story. Sorry guys, it’s not only the French. It’s European, you know. But besides this funny-concerning links, he also collects money for the legal action and suggests a payment of $10.000, better $100.000. L leave that standing. Just these numbers. Have a big laugh when you read where he lives and sues from: Honolulu, Hawai. Isn’t that great? Let’s support this self-called (regarding to nuclear physician. Because the story is just to hilarious, not concerning. The arguments he is bringing is perfect for that scenario. He says, they only shall start once they know enough about the things happening. That’s a typical egg-chicken problem. You can’t say much about it unless you do some research. Theories back and forth, fine, but actual hands on – or nucleus on – science is the only way to proof. That why I believe the whole thing is a rip off! Yes, I do and say it. Rip off. Means, they take money of people who don’t know better but are listening to half baked stories from ‘scientist’ and pay him loads of money to save the ‘earth’ from erasion by a european black hole… Oh, btw, Walter Wagner to me sounds like one of the scientists (I checked and it is ‘Walter Jennings’) in the Movie “Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow”, a fantastic movie about – in parts – the destruction of earth. What a coincident…

What is Walter Wagner actually winching about? It’s about the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Basically a large (really really large) accelerator for nuclear elements (protons, electrons etc.). By watching them collide at high speeds a lot of the events and effects that take place in universe can be redone and so it helps understanding and answering a lot of questions. The LHC homepage gives a pretty good understanding on that. The risks Wagner is referring to are low (and the CERN did a safety study upfront and setup a website dedicated to the security concerns), though, as the same things happen on a daily base with nuclear elements hitting the earth with much higher energies. And yet, we are still here. While I’m always sceptical about some research and the affect it might have without us understanding it (like genome research) I though believe these things are necessary for understanding. And without taking little risks we won’t get much further. It is than about our handling of the resulting knowledge if humanity will be harmed or not (remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima as the disgusting results of scientific research).


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  1. Contact Information:
    notepad publishing

    1200 geneva

    Contact Person:
    Armin Albarracin


    11 MAY 2008

    Geneva, Switzerland


    PRESS RELEASE from notepad publishing


    ‘At the CERN a machine is built, with which for the first time in the history of mankind black holes could be produced on Earth. The amazing is, nobody believes that that is dangerous.’
    Quote from an interview with Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler

    After 15 years of building, the CERN LHC, the largest and most expensive machine ever build by mankind, will soon go into production mode. Over the last weeks, public and media interest on the CERN LHC in Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland and its presumed risks has grown.

    A very prominent scientist that has found substantial risks involved by activating the CERN LHC – which should happen in exactly 10 days – is Prof. Otto E. Rossler from the University of Tübingen in Germany, a chaos scientist.

    Prof. Otto E. Rossler is an established scientist who has written 10 books, published over 500 papers and won several prestigious prices.

    Based on his thesis papers (available at – German) currently released for peer review Prof. Otto E. Rossler says that there is a 50% chance that a real black hole gets created at the LHC and that then there are then only 50 months left for our planet Earth.

    In an interview with, Dr. Rossler says that: ‘At the CERN a machine is built, with which for the first time in the history of mankind black holes could be produced on Earth.’ and that ‘there is no remedy. The thing is hopeless, after 50 months the earth would have shrunk to a centimeter. There would be nothing more there, not only no more life, but also the earth would be gone, only their weight would remain – as a small black hole.’

    But Dr. Rossler has a potential solution. He proposes to rebuild the LHC on the moon. Prof. Otto E. Rossler says he has calculated the cost for running the LHC on the moon and they are only 2-3 times higher than here on Earth. Proving his great humor, Prof. Otto E. Rossler continued to say that then we could watch the moon getting eaten up by the black hole – like in Disneyland. The CERN has not reacted to Prof. Otto E. Rossler’s thesis and his suggestions, but has also not refuted his thesis.

    But with the Lawsuit placed in Hawaii a few weeks ago by Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho, as reported in the New York Times (see, more and more people talking about the LHC risks on blogs and forums globally and more and more articles in the media, the CERN is getting further pressure to change its communication policy. The CERN has already had to make one concession to public pressure by reopening its blog. Although the CERN as an international organisation and its baby the LHC financed by 33 countries are not known to be easily intimidated. Too much money and politicians pride is involved in this project, that definitely has a place in the Guiness Book of records.

    Prof. Otto E. Rossler thesis should be taken seriously by CERN responsibles for if he is right, the survival of our planet earth depends on it. And the survival of this whole Universe.

    Michelangelo Luigi Mangano, a leading scientist in the LHC project, replied to Prof. Otto E. Rossler to his question ‘Why do you think that it is not dangerous to create black holes?’:’We are conscious us of the concerns, which circulate in the public. The CERN will publish a brochure in approximately one month to the topic. We have here all family, friends, children and and we would never expose them to danger.. We concerned ourselves here very intensively with these questions. I, and 99.99 per cent of my colleagues believe that the black holes will dematerialize.’ Except Prof. Otto E. Rossler.

    A safety report which the CERN promised will address all the open issues concerning the security of the CERN LHC and was due on the 19th April – but has been further delayed. But this has not made the CERN to delay the go live date of the LHC, which is rumored to be the 21. May. As the CERN releases no detailed schedule, it remains unknown which dates an increased danger of producing a black hole, if one gives credibility to Prof. Otto E. Rossler thesis, will be present.

    Because of public pressure, CERN had recently to open their blogs to the public. One can only hope that public and media pressure will further increase. This leaves room for hope that the long awaited safety report will be made public before the LHC goes live.

    The CERN Press Office can be reached by phone at +41 2 76 721 41. CERN Director Robert Aymar can be reached via email at

    About Prof. Dr. Otto E. Rossler:
    Prof. Dr. Otto E. Rossler currently works at the University of Tuebingen in Germany He specializes on theoretical biology, theoretical physics, mathematic, philosophy and nature sciences.Throughout his career Dr. Rossler has authored around 500 scientific papers in fields as wide-ranging as Biogenesis, deductive biology, origin of language, differentiable automata, bacterial brain, brain equations, chaotic attractors, dripping faucet, heart chaos (with Reimara Rossler), hyperchaos, nowhere-differentiable attractors (with Jack Hudson and Ichiro Tsuda), flare attractors, endophysics, micro relativity, Platonic computers, micro constructivism, recursive evolution, limitology, interface theory, artificial universes, the hypertext encyclopedia, Lampsacus hometown of all persons, blind-sight experiments in physics, world-change technology. He wrote four books: Encounter with Chaos (1992), Endophysics: The world As an Interface (1992), Jonas World – The Thinking of Child (1994, in German), and The Flaming Sword (1996 in German), as well as the CD Descartes’ Traum (in German). He can be contacted at the University of Tübingen, Phone: +49 (0) 7071-29-72477, Fax: +49 (0) 7071-29 5490.

    This notepad publishing news release is meant as an urgent call to serious journalists around the Globe to report on this issue. Media coverage is reduced via pressure by unknown powers. Free journalists have the right to report on anything. Please report on this as it may save our Universe.

    For more information on this subject, please visit

    Armin Albarracin, Senior Investigative Journalist
    Member of Deutscher Verband der Pressejournalisten e.V. (Reg ID: BD-0742 1055-017)

    If you would like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with Armin Albarracin, senior investigative journalist at notepad publishing please use the following contact information:

    Phone: 0 800 561 431
    Fax: 0 800 561 432

    Contact Information:
    notepad publishing

    1200 geneva

    Contact Person:
    Armin Albarracin
    Phone: 0 800 561 431
    Fax: 0 800 561 432


    notepad (= notepad publishing) is a independent News Agency domiziled in Geneva Switzerland. notepad publishing is specialized in investigative journalism.

    notepad publishing is the Geneva News Agency (Reg ID: FD7 902 00224) for the European News Agency domiziled in Florida, USA.

  2. i believe in a lot of things but im afraid much its a scary idea i dont believe in this all it is is mind games d day will probebly happen someday but when nature see’s fit not buy cern machine. just scare tacticts. many more scary things in the world wothout worrying bout somthing like this. sorry i do not believe.

  3. Does anyone else find it extremely odd that according to some cultures the world is supposed to end in 2012? We are awful close to 2012 to launch this thing…. to be honest I think this is the thing they are talking about…. if a black hole is formed… we would be gone by about 2012…. of course this is all just an assumption… still pretty wierd if you ask me…. I for one would not take the risk, after all, its just everyone on Earth right?

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