NEXPO 2008 is over

The last 4 day I been to NEXPO – the annual exhibition of North Americas Newspaper Association – for my company Miles33. Miles33, based in England, bought the Publishing dvision off net-linx, based in Dresden, on March 31st (read the official announcement).

So, let’s see were we are going to, it definetely will be interesting times coming up for all of us.  A aquisition surely is an interesting thing, especially when the aquired company (us) has products in the same area as the buyer. Until strategies for product lines will be done, there are some uncertainties for all involved. But it should work out well as there is a good mixture of new and mature products. I’m optimistic nobody should loose his stake. Even though we lost people all the, the once still here are for the love to their job, colleagues and products doing a tremendous effort with littler resource. With a better financial background (last year European investment put 30Mio into Miles33) we will be able to get things done faster than before.

But let’s look on the general development. Well, it’s not hard to guess, Customer attendance was not as good as last year. And last year was not as good as the year before. And so on. The new media are still and will take revenues off traditional Publishers. But they slowly begin to act and not just sit and wait till this is over. Just look at Rupert Murdochs News corp and their actions in online and with Hulu, a nice approach on ‘legally’ providing TV shows and movies online.  And there are some big advantages newspapers always will have, they have a reputation build over a time frame of a hundred years. Trust in good journalism. Today possibly more important than ever, because the internet makes it easy to fake information and mislead. On the other hand I wonder why I have to read in the official NEXPO newspaper ‘Presstime daily’ that SelfServe modules (go online and create/schedule your classified for print and online 24/7)  are taken serious just now. Well, better now than never. Seems to be the way newspapers are – serious, observant and waiting till a trend settles or is dead. One reason for their solid reputation.

Still, this tradeshow will not be as what is was unless something changes radically. I don’t know what it could be (well, I might just not want to blur it all out…), but vendors (us) have to find ways to attract Publishers with innovative-conservative solutions like our editorial solution that handle all types of media, for print and any online or mobile media. And anyway, it won’t be the same. So cut it shorter, four days are way to much, two will do as well if we do ten instead of seven hours. A good approach is next years combination of NEXPO and the Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. We’ll see what else might change.


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