Blog enhancements and changes

After four and a half month of blogging experience I took the next steps and changed to a nicer 3-column layout and added my blog to Technorati, so it can be found by their users. I use Technorati myself to keep up with my favorite blogs, it’s quite nice, so check it out if haven’t.

To add my blog I had to ‘claim’ it was mine. To easy, just entered my wordpress account name and password and done. Entering some details to explain it’s my personal thingy going on and not a very industry or topic specific blog as it covers anything crossing my mind, even though only part of that finds its way into the blog. Anyway, my initial ranking is 5,137,428.My Claimed Blogs in Technorati Wow, must be a lot of people out there…

Let’s see how that evolves, this blog is just for the fun of it, but even though I hope to get some insights in how things work, so I might possibly find a way to increase my ranking. If so, I will let you know of course.

The new header image ‘CENTRAL’ is from a metro station in Sydney. I like it, as it fits perfectly, since this is my central blog where all my topics run into.


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