Since upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 I am running Firefox in its latest version 3. At the beginning it was the beta 5, in between RC2 and now the final version. At the beginning I found some issues with some websites, for example the typo3 backend and simply ignored it and used Opera instead. But it seems there is more behind it than just initial hickups as I found more and more sites apparently incompatible to the new Javascript engine.

With Firefox 3 Javascript 1.8 has been introduced. The development site claims that Firefox 3 Javascript will be a lot faster than in Firefox 2, especially enabling sites like GMail and others to operate much faster and therefore user-friendly. But I have the suspicion, that the new Javascript implementation causes a couple of sites simply not to work. A good example is the Tesla Motors site, that gives me a ‘Javascript not enabled’ message, even though the pages is enabled in NoScript or NoScript addon completely disabled.Javascript not enabled message on top of the Tesla Motors site with Firefox 3

So what is it? I can’t really say, haven’t yet found a solution for it other than using Opera or switching to a Windows VM with IE. But that would be too much pain for a website. Here are some other pages that do not work for me anymore:

  • typo3 Backends as mentioned before for a couple of projects

There were more. And one think I believe could have to do with it is that mostly the javascript functions in links did not work, the ones that show up in the status bar as e.g. “javascript() or “javascript:getMore(‘tiki-editpage.php’)”. The last one actually is from the Mozilla Support pages, it is the ‘More like this’ image link reference. Well, guess what, it does not work for me.

So what I do right now is to use Firefox for the normal browsing and use, but if I find a page that does not work, I switch to Opera. I like some of the new features to much and hope these issues will be fixed soon, whether by Firefox itself or the non-working sites.


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