DELL XPS M1330 crashes at Boot after Vista Update

UPDATE: I ended up replacing the original harddisk with a Samsung model of the same size. The original disk though just works perfectly now as a backup medium in an external case.

Just got my new Laptop (the Thinkpad got stolen), a really nice DELL XPS M1330. It looks awesome, has really good performance and is the most leightweight laptop I ever possessed. My first experiences were discouraging as the pre-installed Vista automatically updated itself. So far so good (yes, we like up-to-date systems), unfortunately after reboot a bluescreen kept it from starting. But luckily I found a way around that by changing two small settings in the BIOS. Specifically the way the Harddisk is configured. Changed it from AHCI to ATA mode for SATA. Not sure how this afffects performance, but hey, rather less than 100% from something than 100% of nothing.

Two steps are required to change settings, first disable the cache, second change from AHCI to ATA. Save and happy working again.


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  1. Actually I found a better solution. The problem is indeed the driver for SATA, but only when you restart Vista, when you shut it down completely then it boots OK. Now, the solution is to update SATA driver from DELL and install it with ‘have disk’ method
    Then you don’t need changing BIOS settings.

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