Rules, Rankings, Meanings

Oh my god, four topics covered in one post. Questions coming up: Is the just a funny way to not have to many posts? Will they relate to each other?

Unspoken Rules

You have surely have heard about unspoken rules, even though this is kind of impossible. But I am not going to discuss that today. Have a look onto some examples for unspoken rules in this post. You surely know a lot of them already. But there are not only these fun ones, but also some rather serious ones, that allow to work and live in a professional manner. Some examples:

  • Don’t hook up with colleagues.
  • Don’t speak badly about former employers.
  • Think before speaking out (rather generic though).


WordPress provides nice statistics for you. How many visits to your page, the post read the mosts and how people got here. There you find links from the outside and from WordPress as well, for example using the tags you used for a post. There are for example tags like health, big brother, ubuntu, eclipse or Miles33. And guess what, nobody else than me ever wrote something about Miles33, my former employer.

And there are rankings at Google, funnily enough, that site at WordPress with the Miles33 tag is one page one amongst the pages about our office in Balmain, the partnership announcement between iQ4bis and Miles33 about a reporting and analytics suite for the Publishing market.


As mentioned before, the unspoken rules are there to make a social living possible, by creating a common set of standards. Rankings such as page ranks at Google reflect the importance of sites for a search term. Funny enough that my posts are the only ones tagged Miles33 in WordPress and therefore indirectly appear on Googles page one. And I don’t even work for them anymore. Not my choice, the high hopes were bitterly disappointed. But I am not going to blame them, times in publishing are hard and instead of investing in better products – which of course would need investement in first place – it is easier to try to leverage the additional customer base with either old or immature products. Well, wishing good luck would be to much, though it is only luck that brought the management in London thus far. The new strategy may work, but leaves a lot of opportunities unused by not leveraging net-linx products. But to get to know products, you would need to at least speak to product people (many years of industry experience and product knowledge have been laid off already). Never happened, therefore modern products won’t have a future and even some just recently announced may be struggling to get the necessary attention. Other companies actually invest and manage to grow with products they bought. Not everyone actually believes that anything than print is not worthy or won’t produce revenue. And some even see that publishing will have to go online to not become distinct. Well, good luck with some nice print centric products from Miles33. Good bye futuristic net-linx products. 😀

So what does that mean? Not much more than disagreement with new directions after an acquisition. You will see things like that pretty often, when theoretical number games are becoming actual management decisions. Just happens with Dresdner Bank in Germany. Aquired by Commerzbank it has already been announced that 9000 employees will be laid off. It is not about the people or their knowledge, that is just how the theoretical calculations are put into practice.

It also means I could utilize the new media to publish about my thoughts. Won’t do. Would be unfair to use my knowledge in the online world against a very traditional print centric vendor.

I will not complain to much about what happened, partly understandable it is, though it is sad and could have worked out differently if handled with a bit more experience. The whole publishing industry needs a change in direction and finally invest instead of watching the shares plummit further and further.

Further meanings? To me at means to concentrate on new challenges and get over the past. I liked my job and the industry, as it was never easy, but hey, everyone could do the easy job. But now it is on me to work in a position that is easier but still will be rewarded and recognized.

Finally, don’t take this to serious, I did not specifically switch on the sarkasm or irony tags, but of course you are aware of them.


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