DELL XPS M1330 not charging battery

Thank you DELL for this little troublemaker. After I had to fix my harddisk driver problems finally by replacing it with a new one (the original one runs in external case just fine), I am now having trouble with the charger. One morning I plugged it in coz the battery was running low but nothing happened. Well, it did not die on me, but battery did not charge anymore. At the next start of the computer I got the message that the power adapter is not recognized and will not charge the battery. Awesome. Reading some different posts I get the options of a dieing motherboard or a broken poweradapter. Mh. No warranty. Easy choice would it be mine.

So, ran into one of these small DELL stands in Sydney and asked them if I could quickly plug my laptop into one of their demo laptops adapter. Started. Battery charges. Happy to not to have to replace the MB. But than you don’t find the suitable adapters on ebay (the connector is not round but a bloody hexagon). At the end ordered with DELL for AU$110.

I like this little machine, but now understand why DELL refuses to give them proper warranties and support. That puts a slight dent into my trust to them as I actually bought it to have something rock solid. Maybe I do buy a MacBook next time…


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  1. my god i have the same damn problem! ive read elsewhere that Dick Smith Electronics stock generic adaptors for our laptops. ill give it a go!

    • Do that. I checked in Harvey Norman, but the ones they had where quite bulky and even more expensive (around $180) than the original Dell one. And most of the generic ones did not have the right hexagon connector for the XPS series. Not an easy solution…

      On a positive note, I got my Dell adapter ($110 incl. postage) and now all works fine again, so it really has been the charger in my case. And I don’t need to carry a charger with me anymore as I have one at work and one at home now… 🙂

  2. 1. It seems that your AC adapter is fried and you need a new one. I think you should try to find out if your problem could be solved under the extended warranty on Dell’s XPS M1330 range. I know they extended it by 12 months but limited to problems related to NVIDIA cards. Presumably, overheating that killed your AC adapter can be related to the nvidia card problem. I’m still looking for the official DELL stance on that. Just be warned that you need to know your facts before calling DELL support. Also, another reason for you to know about the extended warranty is that a dead AC adapter possibly can be not the last of your problems (a fried motherboard is). My AC adapter died a couple of months before the whole thing died.

    2. When the AC adapter is unplugged and a percentage of battery is lost, the dell xps m1330 battery will not recharge once the adapter is plugged in again.
    Try to fully discharge the dell xps m1330 9-cell battery, and then plug the battery into the AC adapter.
    go to shop buy a new battery:

  3. Well after being told that the mother had to be replace for the fourth time, I simply gave up. Dell is losing a customer in me. Their service center provides little to no help if you are not covered under warraty. Lucky I caught the extended warranty on the Nvidia graphics card or they would have charge me close to $500 USDfor a motherboard replacement before even looking at my computer. Now my computer is not charging and i have tried mutliple charger conections. Dell solution have the motherboard replace for the 4th time and no wonder there is no warranty so those $500 USD seemed to pledge or something to their cause. Regardless I feel I should not invest on a product that keeps braking down on me, so I hav chose to go with a different brand of computers. I am never going to but a Dell again.

    Beware the XPS M1330 there are faulty computers that as soon as you aren’t cover by the warranty will break for oveheating purposes. I would recomment if you have one place it on a chillmat it at least will extend their lifetime.

    • Hi Hector, sorry to hear that your XPS has that many flaws in a row. Thanks a lot for the overheating hint, I’m a bit concerned as my machine does use the fan a lot lately. And besides that battery (even though I regularly discharged) is not running for longer than 40 minutes anymore. Nice machine it was but no wonder DELL does not offer extended warranties due to all the flaws.

  4. I had the exact same problem. My adapter looks fine and so does my computer. Everything is nicely used as well. But, I noticed that the plug that is inserted into the computer (no idea what it’s called) was smudged with my fantastic fingermarks. I just gave the plug a good wipe from a dry cloth and then it worked perfectly fine. Maybe this can solve your problems, if not it’s like the others have said.

  5. This xps m1330 is a flop. i got the same problem, my charger is working(coz its on) however the machine aint working. it states not charging, and now i have to use my charger evry time(resolved in removing the battery) its now more like a desktop and not a laptop… However, i got a question, what is BIOS A15, and will it resolve the problem?

    • Hi Drix5, the A15 Bios did not solve the charging issue. I though tend to use the latest Bios revision simply for the sake of it. Well, as much as I love the M1330 I have to agree, there are some issues that will prevent me from getting another one of this series. Right now battery life is down to 45 minutes max and it heats up fairly quickly and therefore gets noisy. Afraid it will bust at some stage, do doing my backups now regularly… 😉

  6. Please whatever you guys do, if your buying from DELL please get an extended warranty, these people at DELL refuses to give you a break if your something goes wrong with your computer, They have SH&*%Y customer service!!!

  7. Just yesterday I bought an mx1330 and got the “plugged in but buttery not charging” right as got it out of the box and opened it for the very first time. I returned it after 15 hours. I tryed to buy another, and then another. They were all the same. Barnd new and broken. I got my mony back and i’m now trying to decide for something else 😦 I’m so sorry it had this problem as it was really sexy and shiny.

  8. Same old story. Dell M1330. Battery not charging. The battery is showing up on the power meter, but it had the red circle with the white X. I’ve Googled the problem and found everything from the Motherboard is bad, the charge circuit failed, the battery is bad, the adapter failed, and even the OS killed the charger. OK, now for the “remedy”. At least the one that has all working fine now.. well, sort of.
    The wonderful hexagonal plug is working, BUT only if it is put in a certain way. In my case, the fat part of the plug has a slight bend in it. I think it is in the design, but not sure. Anyway, the charge circuit works if the angled part of the plug is “down”.
    The other 5 ways to put it in the computer show that the system is on AC power, but no charging is taking place.
    Now for the Tech Question..
    Is this just showing signs that the “pin” in the plug is failing/dirty/broken…?
    I don’t have access to another adapter to test my theory.
    I would think the DC jack on the MB could be at fault, but it is a new motherboard.
    I hope this helps someone.

  9. PS:
    Looks like the “bend” is the problem. Now I think there is an open in the cord. Oh well, live and learn. Now it is working with a little manipulation of the cord in each of the 6 ways to plug it in….

  10. Mine is giving me the same problem, it seems to be the power jack, not the cord. I was able to correct it by rotating the plug outside the jack and plugging it back in. I haven’t really had any problems with it until this and I’ve had it for almost 3 years now.

    • RV, at first I too was thinking it was the jack on the laptop I was working on. I ordered the jack, and while I was waiting its arrivial, that’s when I discovered that all worked well at times. At least in my case, with the battery meter on screen, as soon as you plug in the jack, it shows that the battery is charging. If there is an uncomfortable delay, the charge signal didn’t get through. * at least that’s my theory * What I don’t get is by the looks of the jack, it’s simple – a ground and a hot. So why would the battery not charge if the computer is getting juice? Hmmm.
      Have a wonderful day!

  11. Just wanted to say same problem as everyone else with XPS M1330. I highly recommend against purchasing this product. NVIDIA card melted motherboard and AC power supply no longer charges battery. All of these were known problems by Dell and Dell failed to fix them even though I had been a customer of Dell for 15+ years or so.

  12. I’m encountering the same issues in my XPS M1330 – battery is not charging due to neither power jack or MB failures. Now my window screen starts up blank 8 out 10… It has to be NVIDIA Video card issue.
    (My battery is few months old)
    Dell replaced the motherboard in my XPS 3-time while it’s still under warranty. Now the warranty is over…..Dell charging approx $200 for a new motherboard and $200 for labor. I have been loyal customer of Dell for 10 yrs or so. I have purchased at least a dozen system from Dell. If I can buy a new MB for about one hundred or more, I fix all the issues that I have………

  13. Nice posted article, it really helps all the laptop owner for maintaining their laptop in good functioning. keep on posting. thank you.

  14. John – I am very grateful for the “rotate the jack” suggestion which is working for me. Thanks

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