About Daniel Henze

Given the name Daniel by my parents in late Seventies, I just have been born by then, I grew up as a child near Berlin in the former GDR, the eastern part of todays re-united Germany (that happend when I was eleven years old). So I had a great childhood and grew up during extremely interesting times.

Later on I studied “International Media and Computing” and during that I had to do an internship in another country. That led me to DoubleClick in Dublin, Ireland and was possibly one of the major events for my personal development. Since than I’m travelling every now and then and lived in Dubai, UAE and Edmonton, Canada for a couple of month.

I did live in Sydney from 2007 to 2009. An awesome city and a great time. I’ll be back for visits from my old and home close to Berlin.

I just recently got a medallion with my chinese star sign and a description along with it. It’s the horse and I actually can quite live with the description. Actually think it’s fairly true. Here it is:

The adventurous Horse is destined for success, achievement and hard work. Horses can be rebellious. They make wonderful friends. They are well liked, cheerful and like to pursue freedom. Earthy and passionate, the Horse is an adventurer at heart. The Horse’s weakness can be brashness, anxiety and selfishness. Peace and Happiness.

Nearly two years after I wrote down the quote before, I can say that I’m more free than ever before, working only part time to cover costs and trying to get my own projects and ideas running. Hope my destination comes true.

About Atentia:
I was looking for a good url for my projects and found that Atentia goes well along with all these made up Company names that sound so artificially (Twitter, Google, Xing etc.). But Atentia as well has a relation to Attention (eng) or Attenzione (it) and I thought that would be perfect, as it shows what are the things I’m paying attention to, or at least would like or think should be paying attention. My ideas. My problems (nah, actually no problems, only solutions…). Me.

Daniel Henze


4 Responses

  1. Hey !

    I’ve just looked to your post on ubuntu 8.04 upgrade, I was thinking about getting in touch with you to ask your xorg.conf file. I think this is the last try before a complete system reinstallation because I have exactly the same issues as you had.

    You can contact me with the email I gave in the form.

    Thanks in advance,

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Fokas, I am sorry to disappoint you, but the Laptop does not exist anymore. Two weeks ago it got stolen. Not happy as you can imagine…

  3. Hi Daniel…Glad you like australia (are you still there?) I’m originally from the US, but have been in this country for almost 19 years – first Melbourne, then Sydney and now Hobart.

  4. Hi Ann, which City did you like most? I so far have only been to Melbourne for a visit and liked it a lot. Though Sydney still is my favorite with the harbour and ocean all around. Love it over here! Who knows how long it will be for me at the end….

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